[Men’s Mindset] WTF Are Men Thinking? (2012) book review

Today, we are going to talk about a book that answers one of life’s greatest mysteries:

WTF are men thinking?

WTF Are Men Thinking? by Christopher Brya & Miguel Almanaz

1-Sentence Summary. After an incident got two male market researchers thinking they would be the best people to answer this daunting question of what the male species are thinking, they setup a research comprising of 250,000 men to answer some of the most commonly (and complicated) questions asked by women and published the results in this simple handbook.

Why I Picked it Up. With a title like that, who wouldn’t?!

Where I got it. This was probably bought from 4 years back in Fahrenheit’s BookXcess, it was on sale for only RM9.90. I still see it around in BookXcess and have also seen it sell for cheap at the 2016’s Big Bad Wolf sale.


Why It’s A Gem

  • THIS IS A VERY, VERY FUN BOOK TO READ.This is probably because so many of the questions were the ones that I have been asking myself about men! Of course, the authors did a great job of fielding together some of the more commonly asked questions women have about men. It really feels like you’re reading one of those women magazines, giving tips into what men are thinking. As most of the questions do pique my curiosity, this book was easily a swift page-turner for me.
  • RESEARCH METHODS ARE EXTREMELY EASY TO UNDERSTAND.The gold thing about this book is that the perspectives that were written in here are not mere opinions of experts, but from an actual robust research comprising of 250,000 males telling you what they are thinking about certain topics. For quantitative, they hosted an online poll to receive as many male opinions as possible. While for qualitative, they held focus group sessions, giving us the possible reasons why the quantitative statistics lean towards certain answers. Most books researching about romance, love or psychology had to use countless different research and methods to make their point throughout their book. Whereas this one just uses the same method throughout. Yes, it is considered a simplistic study, as some situations are best studied not under a question-and-answer approach. But I definitely appreciate the freshness of method in this publication: Simple to understand and consistent throughout!
  • IT CONTINUOUSLY CAUTIONS AGAINST STEREOTYPING MEN.It is so easy for the authors to say, “This is a confirmed guidebook and is legit because it is based on solid research results. But instead of that, the authors are seen to be cautioning readers from time to time that not all men are the same nor consistent with the research results. The book is supposed to act more like a general knowledge or rule of thumb, rather than a definite blueprint on approaching all men. Humble books like this score plenty of extra brownie points for me, as I do share the view that no piece of literature can be applied to every bit of situation.
Statistics Galore! Every question is accompanied by bar charts or pie charts for easy visual reference, followed by the subjective explanations from the focus group on why the statistic results were as such,

Why It Can Be A Rock

  • IT GETS PRETTY DRY TOWARDS THE END. I found that towards the end of the book, the questions aren’t as interesting and most of the answers are very “safe”. This could be part of the book’s strategy, though – to keep the interesting content to the front, while the not-so-interesting content to the back part of the book. This only applies to about the last 20 pages or so. With the total 434 pages, the interesting contents far outweigh the dry parts and this book is still very much worthy of my time.


015897-yellow-comment-bubble-icon-animals-animal-panda3-sc37 (2)  As A Reading Panda,  I’d Give It :

bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1 bamboo_1bamboo_1 (9 out of my 10 bamboos)

This book is highly entertaining for just about anyone, I think, even men themselves!

And I definitely enjoy that the views presented here were based on research that are credible enough, giving us something more solid to hold on to as we read through the book. And there were plenty of refreshing insights that came unexpectedly, against what my general expectations are about men. I would highly recommend this book to almost everybody, even non-readers as their format is extremely easy to digest and contents are engaging enough.


Do you have any questions about men? What are your most commonly asked questions about them?

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