[Reading Progress] From My Big Bad Wolf’s 2015 Books


For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it means that Malaysia’s biggest annual book sale is back. Of course, yours truly have already paid a visit to this year’s installment (twice, to be more precise).

But before I report on this year’s sale, I figured I would first log on my reading progress on the books that I’ve purchased from last year’s Big Bad Wolf (BBW) sale. God knows that the sale supplies 70% of my yearly stock of books.

My purchases from Big Bad Wolf 2015 (December) sale

From December 2015’s sale, I purchased 23 books at around RM290 (USD66). Yes, the books there are THAT cheap.


Here are the books that I’ve completed this year:

  1. THURSDAY NEXT: THE EYRE AFFAIR (Book 1) by Jasper Fforde – This was such a good read about a woman who can jump into books, that I went and purchased the rest of the series in a later sale. Thinking of reviewing this book once I’ve finished the whole series.
  2. DOT ROBOT by Jason Bradbury – Have read this and was not up to my taste. Even if it was supposed to be a ‘middle grade’ book, the writing and story could have been much better.
  3. HOW STARBUCKS SAVED MY LIFE by Michael Gates Gill – Such an inspiring read! I breezed through this one. You can read my review on it here.
  4. RUSH: WHY YOU NEED AND LOVE THE RAT RACE by Todd G. Buchholz – A book with a unique perspective on how being busy is actually good for our wellbeing. My review of it here.
  5. THE EVERYTHING STORE: JEFF BEZOS AND THE AGE OF AMAZON by Brad Stone – A nice read to get to know more about Amazon and the genius tech startup. My review can be found here.
  6. TIME RIDERS: THE INFINITY CAGE (Book 9) by Alex Scarrow – As this was the last book of the time-travelling series, I sort of felt like my life had no meaning once I ended this book. The ending was pretty epic and surprising, yet still giving hope for me that a better future lies ahead. My review of the whole Time Riders series here.
  7. STRUCK BY GENIUS by Jason Padgett & Maureen Seaberg – Absolutely an inspiring read about being hopeful for knowledge and the beauty of mathematics. Have never read any book that gives this same feeling yet. My review of it here.
  8. ALEX FERGUSON: MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Alex Ferguson – The first sports-related book that I’ve read in my life and I’m hardly ever interested in sports, for your information. But this was a good book to start with as it delves a lot more on the players’ and team stories, rather than technicalities of football. My review here.
  9. THE BLING RING by Nancy Jo Sales – This was a pretty juicy read, as it touches on Hollywood celebrities’ houses, teenage burglary and the glamour of it all. My review here.


I do plan on finishing the rest of the books, of course. It’s just that I’m such a ‘mood reader’, that whatever book I read is based on my current mood at the time. In addition, I also keep getting distracted reading other books that I purchased later on in different bookstores. I could never really complete my BBW sale’s books within the same year.

Below are books that I’m pretty confirmed that I’ll be reading in 2017:

  1. II: LELAKI SESUATU ITU & CIKGU ASYRAF by Shaz Johar & Dayang Noor This is a short Fixi fantasy-paranormal book to read. So it should be quick.
  2. TOTAL RECALL: MY UNBELIEVABLY TRUE LIFE STORY by Arnold Schwazernegger I’ve always felt that this guy is underrated and deserves more acknowledgement for being more than just an action star. I was especially intrigued since knowing that he was already a millionaire even before he became and actor.
  3.  THURSDAY NEXT: THE WELLS OF LOST PLOT (Book 3) by Jasper Fforde – No brainer. I’ve just finished reading Book 2 (Lost in a Good Book) last month. I’m simply excited to come back into Thursday Next’s world once I feel like going into a modern fantasy read!


Here are the books that I think I’ll eventually read in my life if I’m in the mood, but I have no idea when:

  1. ME, MYSELF AND WHY by Mary Janice Davidson – Any book by this author is guaranteed to be funny. I just haven’t gotten in a strong enough mood to read chick lit yet this year.
  2. SHOO, JIMMY CHOO!: THE MODERN GIRL’S GUIDE TO SPENDING LESS AND SAVING MORE by Catey Hill – I have a feeling I’ll learn a lot if I read this book. But, there are so many other more interesting books to read. Hence, I have no idea when I’ll pick up on this one.
  3. HOW TO FAIL AT ALMOST EVERYTHING AND STILL WIN BIG: KIND OF THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Scott Adams – I like Dilbert’s wry humour. I expect to get that same type of humour when I bought this book.
  4. ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS: WHEN DID YOU SEE HER LAST (Book 2) by Lemony Snicket – I wanted to read this immediately since it is by Lemony Snicket, only to later found out that I purchase Book 2. But I managed to get Book 1 in this year’s sale. So I’ll pick up this one after I’m done reading the first book.
  5. THURSDAY NEXT: SOMETHING ROTTEN (Book 4) by Jasper Fforde – This is a confirmed read after I’m done with Book 3 in the above list.
  6. WARP: THE RELUCTANT ASSASIN (Book 1) by Eoin Colfer – I miss reading Eoin Colfer’s work, as I grew up with his earlier ‘Artemis Fowl’ series. Although I have yet to read this first book, I’ve already bought the second book. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading this one eventually.
  7. iWOZ: COMPUTER GEEK TO CULT ICON by Steve Wozniak – With all the hype and buzz going to Steve Jobs, of course I’d be intrigue to know about Steve Wozniak, the other guy who founded Apple earlier.
  8. THE MUMMYFESTO by Linda Green – This is a book about how mums were nominated to run for public office. I have high expectations on this one as the story sounds quite original. How would politics be like if there are more mums in the upper level administration?


And then… there are books that I had no particular nudge of mood to read at all during the year after the sale. These are the books I probably won’t end up reading at all:

  1. DAVID & GOLIATH: UNDERDOGS, MISFITS AND THE ART OF BATTLING GIANTS by Malcolm Gladwell – I took this because it’s from Malcolm Gladwell. But this is probably a mistake because the version I took had such small fonts, that the reading experience was unpleasant. Don’t think I’ll be touching this one again.
  2. I’M WITH THE BRAND: THE SECRET DIALOGUE BETWEEN WHAT WE BUY AND WHO WE ARE by Rob Walker – Interesting point of view. It’s just that my workload in advertising is getting heavier these days, that when I got the time to read, I’d prefer to read non-advertising books.
  3. THE FIRST 20 HOURS: HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING… FAST by Josh Kaufman – I haven’t been in the mood to read Self-Help books this year, especially a book about being more productive.


In summary, I’d say that’s not bad of a progress. I read more this year than I did from 2014’s sale. It’s now time to move on to the great 2016 sale in my next post!

How is your Big Bad Wolf reading progress coming along?

I’m interested to know if there are more people who actually finished reading everything that they bought in the sale.

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