4 Booktubers Who Brings Pleasure to My Ears and Eyes

Booktube 01
Image Source: CSCFR.Ch

From time-to-time, I’ll find myself bingeing on booktubers just because I like listening to some people talking passionately about book (as I don’t have enough peers who are bibliophiles). Especially those that talk pleasantly and goes beyond just constant flailings of, “AMAGAD this book is so good and everybody must drop everything to go read this book now!” The End.

In case you’re looking for some new booktubers to follow, here’s a list of my current favourites.


He’s probably the smallest booktuber account across those in my list. But I like listening to him because he’s usually funny, yet very articulate in expressing his thoughts about everything. In addition, the books he reads are usually hidden gems that I’ve never heard elsewhere. And have I mentioned that he is almost effortlessly and spontaneously sarcastic?



Amerie is always a delight to listen to, not just because she’s an eloquent reviewer, but also because she reads a good mix of familiar and non-familiar books. And she also has some non-fictions into the mix, which is very rare for booktubers. She’s very clear on explaining why she likes or not like certain books. Even on the rare occasion that she does flail, she would flail very rationally and calmly, which I can actually enjoy listening to.


The Poptimist

Although he’s the oldest booktuber in this list, he is actually very amusing to watch. If not because of his casual smart humour inserted into his lines, then it’s the wacky accompanying reaction gifs he had in the background. He has a very straight up accurate and concise style, that you will see very minimal cuts in his videos. Sometimes it almost seemed like he just shot it in one go and simply uploaded it straightaway. He’s the go-to guy for serious adult fictions and graphic novels.


She’s the most mainstream booktuber of this lot and reads almost exclusively YA fiction books. Although our reading preference is quite different, but there’s something about her energy and enthusiasm that just keeps me coming back for more. She would never fail to have that feel-good personality effect on me.

So these are my top 4 favourite booktubers. My main attraction would usually depend on their book choices, articulation in reviewing, fun personality and very minimal flailings.

Let me know who are your favourite booktubers?

Would be great if I can discover new ones too for my listening pleasure.

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