Mythic Mana March 2016 – Subscription Box Review

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As you might know, I had mixed feelings about their first box back in February (click here to read my review of the previous box). I’m happy to say that this time, the curation have been vastly enhanced and I have positive feelings about every single items in the box! Now, onwards to the review.

The Concept. By subscribing to it every month, a box will arrive to your doorstep filled with geeky surprises to please the dorky fan in you. The curated items will be based on the monthly themes that they have set for the box. Mythic Mana is the only geek and gamer subscription box in Malaysia.

The Cost. If you’re in Malaysia, this box is much more affordable (at about RM140++ with shipping) compared to international subscriptions like LootCrate or NerdBlock (which would go way more than RM250++ after converting USD currencies and international shipping).

How To Get It? Subscribe online through their website .


Unboxing the Box – March Theme: Anti-Heroes vs Superheroes!

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The theme for March box is ‘Anti-Heroes vs Superheroes’, a much-awaited theme I’d say since it is in line with the Deadpool and Batman vs Superman movie hype. So here is what you get when you open the March box.

1. Mythic Mana March Box Infocard. Can I just say that their script on their infocards have become much more entertaining with attitude? There were a lot more references in the minds of the characters and insider jokes to appeal to our geeky soul. And the jokes usually relating back to the usage of each items are superb. Here are a few examples:

Deadpool-related Item

Hi everybody. Deadpool here. I’m pretty sure you got this box because of little old me and not those two clowns (he’s probably referring to Batman & Superman). Am I right? A grown man pretending to be a bat and a grown man afraid of glowing green rocks. Prffftt.

Superman-related Item

Last Son of Krypton! Nothing is cooler than busting out a set of Superman Playing Cards at your net card game session. Remember power = responsibility.

Wonder Woman-related Item

Let’s face it, most cards in our wallets aren’t anything to talk about. Whip this Amazon warrior out and not only will she open any bottle caps in your way, but also be the talk amongst your friends. Everybody needs Wonder Woman.

Mythic Mana March 02

2. Deadpool Dorbz Vinyl Collectible Figure. (Est Value RM117 = USD30The first thing I noticed was that we didn’t have a Funko Pop bobblehead as I expected them to have. But that’s fine because the vinyl figure is still of awesome quality and would look absolutely cool on my office table. At first, I’m assuming that they downgraded from the expensive Funko Pop bobblehead to make way for more premium items in the box, which I think is a smart move. But then I found that the value of this Dorbz vinyl is much more expensive than the Funko bobbleheads, which surprised me. How is the Mythic Mana team able to fit all these items within the meager RM140 that we paid them?!

Mythic Mana March 03.JPG

3. Classic Batman Funko Pop Pin. (Est value RM16 = USD4) As with the Deadpool pin in the previous box, this one is a beauty. Even though I do’t use pins, I’ll be keeping my eye out for where I can put this baby in my life.

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4. Superman Playing Card Deck. (Est value RM23 = USD6) I was stunned when I checked out the cards because the designs were hypnotizing. They actually feel more like art than playing cards. I’m so afraid to take this out of the house to play, out of fear that I might damage or lose them.

Mythic Mana March 05.JPG

5. Wonder Woman Credit Card-Sized Bottle Opener (Est value RM43 = USD11). I hardly ever drink anything that would require a bottle opener. But I can’t deny that this is a slick creation. I love how if you slot the bottle cap in, it would almost look like Wonder Woman is actually pushing open the bottle cap with her utmost strength! That’s a very cool effect.

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6. Mythic Mana 2nd Collectible Badge (March 2016) (Est value RM2). And of course, the special exclusive badge that we could collect with each box. Nothing special, but it’s a must to come in every installment!

Mythic Mana March 07.JPG

Total Estimated Value of All Items = RM201 = USD52

015897-yellow-comment-bubble-icon-animals-animal-panda3-sc37 (2)  As A Lazy Panda, I’d Give It :

bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1 (8 out of my 10 bamboos)

I honestly have only good things to say about the March box. I adore every single thing that came out of the box, even loving their infocard. Mythic Mana team, if you’re reading this, I want to congratulate you on the good job of levelling up your curation! It definitely far exceeded my expectations. I am still amazed by how much the estimated value of the box far exceeded the cost.

The April theme is ‘Anime & Toons’, hinting that it’s related to Dragon Ball and Adventuretime. Although I know that these 2 are awesome, I don’t particularly have a strong passion for either of them. Hence, I’m giving the April box a pass and will wait for the next theme instead.

But if Dragon Ball, Adventuretime and Bleach seems to be right up your alley and you’re in Malaysia, then go ahead and subscribe to them now to get your goodies!

Mythic Mana 08
Image Credit: Mythic Mana

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