Pros & Cons: My Early Forays Into Audiobooks

I have a long commute back-and-forth from home to work every weekday. About 2 to 3 hours is spent only in the car, going through routine roads and being stuck in traffic jams. I mostly use the time to listen to many podcast episodes or the same 100 songs on my Spotify playlist on loop….

[Accidental Genius] Struck by Genius book review

1-Sentence Summary. True story of a carefree party-guy & Planet Futon salesman, Jason Padgett, who got hit on the head one night and woke up to suddenly become a mathematical genius and automatically starts seeing mathematical equations in front of his eyes all the time. Why I Picked it Up. I’ve always been mystified about knowing more…

[Bookstore Hopping] Dasa Secondhand Bookstore in Bangkok

So I went to Bangkok a few weekends back with friends and we had fun exploring the different tourist attractions!   And of course, whenever possible, I’d like to sample a taste of their local bookstores. We paid a visit to Dasa Bookstore, a popular hipster bookstore in Bangkok. I got more excited knowing that…

Mythic Mana March 2016 – Subscription Box Review

As you might know, I had mixed feelings about their first box back in February (click here to read my review of the previous box). I’m happy to say that this time, the curation have been vastly enhanced and I have positive feelings about every single items in the box! Now, onwards to the review….

[Book Tag] Keep It Fresh Award

Hello dear Bibliomaniacs! Last week I’ve been tagged by the enthusiastic Tiffany @ WhenLostInABook for the Keep It Fresh award. Basically it’s a fruit-themed bookish tags to pair a book with specific fruits to describe your feeling for them. So let’s get on with this! RULES: Post the rules before starting and link back to this…