Mythic Mana Feb 2016 – Subscription Box Review

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Mythic Mana February Box

The Concept. By subscribing to it every month, a box will arrive to your doorstep filled with geeky surprises to please the dorky fan in you. The curated items will be based on the monthly themes that they have set for the box. Mythic Mana is the only geek and gamer subscription box in Malaysia.

The Upsides. You will have a “present” to look forward to every month! You’ll always be surprised and have no idea what might be contained in the box. And you’ll also be getting geeky collectibles which you might not have gotten on your own. And since every month is a different theme, you won’t easily get bored as there are plenty of varieties to last you through the months. And if you’re in Malaysia, this box is much more affordable (at about RM140++ with shipping) compared to international subscriptions like LootCrate or NerdBlock (which would go way more than RM250++ after converting USD currencies and international shipping).

The Downsides. The risk of getting something that you might not be interested in (for example in my case, I got the Simpsons keychain and I have no feelings about that but disappointment). It is all a matter of subjective taste. So pay attention to their monthly themes and if you sense that it might not be something you like, then unsubscribe to it for the month and keep an eye out for the following months. Plus, the items you get will only be as good as the curator of the box. So if you feel like the curator has consistently not match your taste, then maybe try a different subscription box instead.

How To Get It? Subscribe online through their website .

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Mythic Mana February Box Unboxing

Unboxing the Box – February Theme: Mash Up!

I would like to highlight that this is only my review for the February 2016 box. Hence, I might have different opinons on other month’s boxes. Now, onwards to the geeky goodies!

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Kylo Ren Funko Pop Bobblehead Figure

Kylo Ren (Star Wars) Funko Pop Bobblehead (Est value RM66). I absolutely adored this. It’s the best thing to come out of this box. It now habituates on my worktable blissfully (joined by my Android ‘Chinese New Year’ collectible). Sometimes when I get stressed from work, I’d hit the bobblehead just because it soothes me.

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Deadpool Funko Pop Pin Badge

Deadpool Funko Pop Pin Badge (Est value RM24). This is the second awesome thing from the box. Although I don’t use any pins, but the design is pretty cool as a collectible. In the end, I gave it away to a friend who I know would appreciate it more.

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Simpsons Keychain Blind Bag

Simpsons 3-D Figural Foam Keychain Blind Bag (I got Lisa) (Est value RM21). I feel pretty “meh” about this firstly because I’m not into The Simpsons (although I get it why everybody loves it and think it’s really funny). Secondly, because this Simpson item is too similar to the preview box. I was expectign for something different that the preview box.

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2 Minecraft Stickers

2 Minecraft Stickers (RM13 each, so RM26 for both). I was quite bummed about this too because the preview box also featured 2 Minecraft stickers. Although I don’t play minecraft, I wouldn’t mind getting a much more functional item like a Creeper Mug (which my company’s CEO owned and flaunted around the office with during townhall).

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Mythic Mana First Edition Button Badge

Mythic Mana First Edition Button Badge (Est value RM2). This is pretty cool, as you sort of have something exclusive from Mythic Mana in every box as a collectible item. It’s good to build up the loyalty fanbase for them.

Total Estimated Value of All Items = RM139


Why It’s A Gem

  • VALUE OF ITEMS ARE EQUAL (IF NOT CHEAPER) TO THE COST. Remember, my estimated total RM139 value is not including international shipping costs if Mythic Mana sourced for these items overseas. It’s also a Godsend that it is currently the most affordable subscription box for geeks and gamers in Malaysia. Actually to be fair, it is the ONLY geek and gamer subscription box in Malaysia, so we’re not left with much options anyway.
  • RARITY OF ITEMS IN THE COUNTRY. Except for the Kylo Ren Funko pop bobblehead, most of these items cannot easily be found in Malaysian stores. Hence, if you’re actually going to go and buy it yourself, you would either have to expertly know which physical stores actually sell these stuff at affordable price, since buying online could incur a massive international shipping cost for each items.

Why It’s a Rock

  • CURATION COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER. The items this time is too similar with their previous (preview) box. Yes, this might be a biased opinion because I actually had look at the preview box. For many others who might not have seen the preview box, then this might be a good surprise for them. And to be fair, this is Mythic Mana’s first box. Hence, it’s probably also a learning curve for the curator. Looking forward to see their curation getting better in the coming months.
  • LACK OF FUNCTIONAL ITEMS. I really like collectibles like bobblehead figures, pin badges and such. But it would be great if they could also throw in some items that can used in daily life like notebooks, mugs, stationeries and such that are still aligned to the geeky themes. At least you’re getting more bang for bucks with the RM130++ you’re paying. I’m thinking of it this way because with that same amount of money, I could’ve easily bought an attractive shoe every month that would also make me happy.

015897-yellow-comment-bubble-icon-animals-animal-panda3-sc37 (2)  As A Lazy Panda, I’d Give It :

bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1 (4 out of my 10 bamboos)

Maybe because the February theme is “Mash-Up” and it is their first ever official box, their curation skills are pretty limited for the moment. But March’s theme is pretty intriguing with “Anti-Heroes vs Superheroes” – which I’m guessing to mean items relating to Deadpool, Batman and Superman. So without a second hesitation, I’m still subscribed to it and will look forward to the March box arriving next week!

Mythic Mana March Theme

8 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m quite impressed by your review layout! I’m new to the world of blogging and I’m feeling blog envy right now, I like how you’ve set your post out with the pros & cons (lol at the gem/rock wordplay) – and the ‘4 out of 10 bamboos’ is such a cute idea.

    Too bad this box is only available to Malaysian subscribers, the next box theme looks awesome – all the other boxes are focusing on Batman vs Superman, and I like this anti-heroes vs superheroes concept. Look forward to your review!


    1. Hi Annie,
      Thanks for your feedback 😉 Appreciate that you enjoyed my writing.
      I enjoyed yours too, I remembered reading your review on Loot Crate and YA Chronicles, because I’m also into books and geeky subscription boxes haha. Will keep updated with your reviews in the future!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, I checked out your profile after you liked my post and saw you reviewed things – I love reading subscription box reviews and living vicariously through other people! Unfortunately it also causes me to spend more money than I should, lol, but at least I can’t buy this Malaysian box, only enjoy your experience with it! ❤


  2. KyaImatai says:

    I love your style!! A very enjoyable read


    1. Hi Kya, thanks. I also enjoyed reading your Zom-B review because I was having the same experience. I love the Demonata series and Cirque Du Freak, that I was kinda holding off reading his Zom-B series for fear that I might not like it and my perfect feelings for Darren Shan might be slightly tainted haha. Looking forward to your future reviews!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your review! I LOVE subscription boxes because it’s like a present to myself every month! haha. I subscribe to Lit-Cube (book and book stuff) and Misto Box (monthly artisan coffee) and Love them. Your blog is amazing!!! I loved it enough to tag this adorable lazy panda in the Keep it Fresh Award! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your answers!


    1. Hi Tiffany, glad you enjoyed the review. In fact, it was from your March Lit-Cube unboxing review that I discovered my next TBR book – Loop! I personally would prefer book subscription boxes, but alas, I don’t have much choice where I come from. Thanks for tagging me. I will set aside time to answer the Keep It Fresh Tag =D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Doesn’t Loop sound good? I can’t wait to read it!


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