BookXcess’ Blind Date With A Book specials

Ever wanted to go on a blind date, but you dread of going with an actual human being? If you’re a bookworm, you might want to go on a ‘Blind Date With A Book’ instead with BookXcess’ yearly specials in the month of February. This cool promo was started since last year.

Blind Date Book 3
BookXcess’ Online Store: Blind Date with a Book

The Concept. You pick a book, only based on the keywords or brief description on the book wrapper. This really brings alive the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Once bought, just get ready to go on a date with your new book!

The Upsides. You’ll get surprised by the book you’ll receive! It’s almost like unwrapping a birthday book present that you bought for yourself. Plus, you’re not just picking some unknown book since you’re picking based on the keywords/descriptions that interests you (ie Time Travel, Secrets, Families, Relationships, Business, Dystopian Suspicion, Accident, Marriage etc). A unique way to discover new books for reading.

The Downsides. You’d risk getting a book that is not to your taste. Unless you’re a highly open-minded reader, exercise buying these with caution. I’d recommend buying maximum of 1 or 2 of these books.

How To Get It? If you’re in Malaysia, you can straightaway go up to the physical bookstores in Amcorp Mall or Fahrenheit 88 shopping malls. If buying online is more convenient for you, then head over to their online store: 

Blind Date Book 4
Image Credit: BookXcess’ FB Page


Personal Experience.

I bought a book from this event last year and was delightfully happy with what I received- Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21. A dystopian take with a slightly different angle: re-imagining an extremist United Nations and their repercussions in the future.

Blind Date Book 2

Blind Date Book 1

015897-yellow-comment-bubble-icon-animals-animal-panda3-sc37 (2)  As A Reading Panda, I’d Give It :

bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1bamboo_1 (9 out of my 10 bamboos)

Overall, if you’re a lover of books, I’d recommend you to try this out at least once in a lifetime. Even more so if you’re in Malaysia, as these kind of book promos are rare to come by in the country. Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it!

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